Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
3 hours (over half-a-day)

Defibrillation has been shown to be absolutely vital in the immediate treatment of cardiac arrest - in fact, if an AED is deployed within two minutes, it can give patients up to a 78% chance of survival to discharge from hospital. The key to the success of an AED is its rapid availability and use. The more confident and familiar your staff are with their equipment, the more likely they are to use it quickly and, thus, successfully.

This is why regular AED training is vital for all staff working in an environment where an AED is available.
Use of the AED is actually very easy - certainly nothing to be nervous of - but staff very rarely realise this until they have trained with one of these amazing pieces of kit.

Our short, simple course will give staff the knowledge to know when an AED is needed, and the confidence to use it.