Medical Emergency Response (Dental Staff)
4 hours (renewable yearly)

Our Medical Emergency Response training for dental staff follows the systems given in the G.D.C’s core ethical guidance booklet ‘Standards for Dental Professionals’ and associated supplementary guidance. It will provide all registered staff with 4 hours of verifiable CPD in this core subject. We can tailor training to suit the needs and experience of your staff and over a period of time can build solid protocols dealing with situations that arise in the dental environment. In-practice training will allow your staff to become familiar with the equipment that they will have to use in an emergency in their normal workplace. This will make all staff aware of the importance of maintainance protocols and result in the smooth initiation of the emergency action plan.

The training is suitable for dentists, dental technicians, nurses, and receptionists.

We will cover asthma, anaphylaxis, cardiac emergencies, epileptic seizures, hypoglycaemia, syncope, choking and aspiration, and adrenal insufficiency, following the ABCDE approach.

This course can also be run to compliment the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) course should one be available in practice.