Once again that old chestnut about "Cough CPR" is going the rounds on FaceBook
Please, if you get one of these messages, suggesting that repeated coughing could save your life in the event of a heart attack, delete it without sharing it - because it's nonsense.

The Resuscitation Council (UK) (known to their friends as Resus UK) is the body, comprised of medical experts, who, together with the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) (more medical experts) and in consultation with other organisations like the American Heart Association (yes, yet more medical experts!), that sets the standards for resuscitation throughout the UK and, indeed, the world.. These are the people who, together with the others I mentioned, review the statistics every five years or so, and occasionally introduce changes into things like CPR and other first aid issues (so when you go on a first aid course, and things are different from last time, they're the ones to blame!). It was Resus UK who introduced the big changers in 2005, and the smaller ones in 2015. Incidentally, the changes in 2005 are credited with a 30% improvement in out of hospital cardiac arrest survival rates, so the don't make these changes for the fun of it.

Anyway, back to my original point. This is what Resus UK has to say about "Cough CPR"

"The BLS/AED Subcommittee knows of no evidence that, even if a lone patient knew that cardiac arrest had occurred, he or she would be able to maintain sufficient circulation [by coughing] to allow activity, let alone driving to the hospital."

Whilst Resus UK do not specifically mention this, it makes sense that strenuous activity during a heart attack is likely to make the situation worse, possibly even inducing a cardiac arrest in a patient that might otherwise have survived.

For the full Resus UK article on this, please check here:

The next ERC/Resus UK review is later this year, No major changes are anticipated, but watch this space