heart attack, CPR, asprin, w position, NHS 24, 999

In a previous post I stated that the so called "Cough CPR" is a useless piece of nonsense in an out-of-hospital situation.

If ever you do suspect you are having a heart attack, here's what you CAN do.

1) Call "999"
Don't call the doctor, DON'T call NHS 24, it's 999, because you need an ambulance, with all the special kit that they carry, and that doctors don't. Paramedics also have specialist life-saving skills that doctors are much less practised at.

2) Unlock your door
When the paramedics arrive, they need to be able to let themselves in, in case you;re not able to.

3) Asprin.
If you have any readily available, take a 300mg Asprin.
Don't swallow it, but chew it slowly in your mouth.

4) Sit down, make yourself comfortable, and wait.
Often, the most comfortable position will be leaning slightly back, supported, with knees raised and supported, as above. This is sometimes called the "W" position