We don't know the details yet - they will be announced later this month - but it looks like there will be a couple of changes to first aid and CPR protocols soon. The new guidelines will be announced by the European Resuscitation Council, in conjunction with the Resuscitation Council (UK), on 15th October. It isn't anticipated that these will be major changes, but it is still important to keep up to date. The last changes to CPR guidelines were in 2010, and these were also quite small but, prior to that, the big changes that came about in 2005 are reported to have brought about a 30% improvement in survival rates, which demonstrates the need for regular updating of skills.

People often ask why first aid keeps changing. Actually, it doesn't change that much, or that often, but from time to time new techniques are developed in medical circles, and some are passed on to us in first aid. This is particularly true in regards to CPR, which is a relatively new technique. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation has only been practised in medical/scientific circles since the early sixties, and didn't get passed down to first aid until much later, so we really are still learning.

Once we have had time to read, learn and inwardly digest the new guidelines, there will be a six month changeover stage, by which time ALL first aid training should be incorporating the new guidelines. All Training4Life (Scotland) trainers will be attending familiarisation seminars in November, and will be rolling out the new training as soon as the books can be amended or re-printed.